HKNOS 10th Anniversary Symposium

Dear HKNOS members,

We are pleased to announce our Society’s 10th anniversary symposium that will be held as a Zoom Webinar on Thursday, 25 November 2021 at 18:30.

We would like to request the pleasure of your company to commemorate this event!

We have invited local experts in the field of neuro-oncology to share their insights on the theme “Towards a New Era of Engagement: Improving Brain Tumor Patient Care in Hong Kong”. 

Symposium Speakers: 

1.     Neuropathology: Prof HK Ng (CUHK): What Clinicians Need to Know about the 2021 WHO 5th Classification for CNS Tumors 

2.     Neuro-oncology: Prof El Haleli (HKU): latest trends on the management of glioblastoma and options for Hong Kong patients

3.     Neuroscience/ Neuro-surgery: Prof. Vincent Cheung (CUHK) the substrates of motor function and translating to real-world applications

4.     Neuro-psychology: Dr. Tracy Ma (KWH): the role of clinical psychologists during awake craniotomy: an experience sharing from Montpellier Medical Center, France and National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery, UK

No registration is required. Please feel free to join us by clicking on the following link that day:

Meeting ID: 820 7771 7120
Passcode: 687334

See you soon and stay safe!
HKNOS Membership Services Team