HKNOS Recommends: Notable Neuro-oncology Events Feb-Apr 2022

Dear HKNOS members,

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year!
In the coming months starting from Friday (4 Feb), there are a few notable meetings in the field of neuro-oncology that you may be interested in. There is something for everyone!

1. 3rd Asia Pacific Low Grade Glioma Network (ALGGN) Meeting 4/2 (Fri)

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This is the third year of this annual event where regional experts share their experience in the diagnosis and management of LGGs. The program is enclosed.

Invited speakers include:

Neuropathology: Prof HK Ng and Monika Hegi

Neurosurgery: Hugues Duffau and Lorenzo Bello

Neuro-oncology: Warissara Rongthong on Radiation therapy for LGGs

Neuro-psychology: Djaina Satoer on a novel aphasia testing paradigm for glioma patients.

Registration for the meeting is free and can be performed with the following link:

2. BRAIN 2022 25-26/2 (Fri-Sat)

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This signature even in the Hong Kong neuro-oncology calendar will be held virtually online this year.Notable speakers include the prominent neuro-oncologist, Prof Martin van den Bent with his presentation on the CODEL, CATNON trials for lower grade gliomas as well as an overview of standard-of-care treatment. HKUST Prof Wang Jiguang will share his insights on Cancer Genomics of Gliomas.

For neuro-psychologists and neurosurgeons, we look forward to the satellite symposium on cognitive neuroscience esp on the neurological basis of speech and vocal behavior.

The programme and registration are here:

3. 6th Annual World Course on Brain Mapping 1-3 April (Fri-Sun)

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The I AM BRAIN course is back for its 6th year organized by our good friend George Samandouras from Queen’s square’s National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. This year’s highlights include interactive sessions for connectomics, tractography and a language masterclass! The program and registration are here:

Full Program:


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